Advantages of a large number of YouTube subscribers

On YouTube video hosting there are many different ways to determine the popularity of a video and the channel as a whole.

The most important of these are the number of views and subscribers. To get a new contingent of regular viewers, you should perform the buy 500 youtube subscribers for $5 action. In other words, increase their number for money.

The need for constant viewers

YouTube tracks channel activity, views, subscribers, likes and dislikes. All these parameters can affect the attention of advertisers, the appearance of videos. The transition through them will be paid to the owner of the channel. This method is called YouTube content monetization.

Viewers can influence the following metrics:

  1. The number of views, including on the first day, which is an important parameter. Subscribers are notified of the appearance of new videos, thanks to which their attendance is a constant factor, in contrast to occasional one-time visitors.
  2. This fact is taken into account by advertisers, therefore, the more regular viewers, the more willingly advertising content is placed on the channel.
  3. The author gets more opportunities from the service itself, including researching statistics and content management.
  4. Depends on the level of income.

People subscribed to the channel form the main target audience, most of the views also come from them. This indicator forms the basis for monetizing the content of the user who owns the channel.


As the average YouTube statistics show, on the first day of posting a video, a fifth of regular customers view it. It is clear that the greater their number, the more attention the content gets. This immediately gives an increase in the attention of advertisers, a place in search results is growing, and the overall popularity of content is growing.

The second important factor is the feedback under the video. They are usually provided by regular users. Feedback is as valuable as the number of views. This means a keen interest of users, speaks of the relevance of the content for them. The combination of these two factors, or only the presence of subscribers to the channel, determine the position of advertisers. Content won’t get the attention it needs without them.

The third plus from the presence of regular viewers is that they provide links to content on YouTube, third-party resources, and attract the attention of friends and acquaintances. This increases the number of visitors and views many times over. In this case, subscribers act as carriers of advertisements for the channel or video.